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Kitchen layout - wall oven, rangetop size, counter space, sink, trash?

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3 years ago

Hi, we are doing a 12x12’ kitchen and decided to forgo the regular oven. Will use an XXL Miele combi steam oven and a Miele speed oven on the wall as we want them to be at higher level so we can save our knees and backs in the near future. Space is really limited as we would like to have a 36” range top and a 36” fridge/freezer. Please see drawing below. Here are some questions. I would love to hear your thoughts/comments/suggestions/advice.

1. Is counter space next to the stove too narrow at 12” + 18”? On the left side of the stove particularly, it’s only 12”. Would it be OK since the L shaped counter next to it could help a bit?

2. Would you recommend a 30” range top instead of 36” to give more counter space?

3. If we go with the 12” L + 18” R counter space, how should we design the upper cabinets? Would 18”wide cab + 12”wide cab + 36"range hood + 18”wide cab look too strange and unbalanced?

4. At the current design, the distance from the center of the main sink to the center of the range top is at ~ 7ft, is this too far?

5. Where would you put the trash bins?

6. Position of the sinks? I am a righty and prefer to work on the left side of the sink so that I can easily sweep/dispose any unwanted parts to the sink while chopping:

a. Bar sink: where should I put the bar sink?

b. 30" main sink: should I switch it with the DW?

Many many thanks for your help!

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