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BlueStar 36" Range-only works with gas pipes flushed to the wall

Beeg R
3 years ago

I just got my BlueStar range delivered. Not sure if this applies to their other sizes, but nowhere in their installation manual shows the spec for the gas cutout. Turns out, they only provide a small cutout for the gas line. Our gas pipe is 4.5" away from our wall due to a double-joist in the basement. Normally, this is fine with other ranges, but not with the BlueStar. This BlueStar 36" range has a small cutout, and the only picture in their installation manual that even shows this little cutout is the bracket installation picture (attached).

Turns out, the little metal piece that the bracket sits on gives us only around 1.5"-2" of space from the back of the range to the front of this metal piece, so if the gas line is any farther out, you are out of luck. Our range is now sitting 2-3" away from the wall, and it looks awful! We waited 6 weeks for the range to be delivered, and our kitchen is almost done. BlueStar didn't mention this requirement anywhere in their installation manual. Until you see it in person, no one would know this could be an issue.

We are checking with a structural engineer to see if we can cut the double-joist so we can push the gas pipe closer to the wall. If not, we have to return this range and buy a different one. I want to bring this up to anyone considering a BlueStar range. Measure the distance between your gas pipe and the wall, also measure the distance from the side of the left-side cabinet to the pipe. Then go to your local dealer and ask them to measure the distance from the back of the range to the metal piece and the cutout dimension. If you gas pipe is anywhere too far from the wall or too far from the left-side cabinet, you can't buy this range.

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