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Need backsplash help to finish endless kitchen renovation

4 years ago

We’re finally at the end of our kitchen renovation and really need to get moving on backsplash. We’re hosting a graduation party in a couple of months and would love for it to be in by then. So far all of our design choices were influenced in one way or another by folks here, so we’re hoping to continue to streak.

Details: house is a 1920s Tudor, counters are Glacier White Corian, floors are oak, range and dishwasher are GE Cafe. We have a breakfast nook that we obviously haven’t finished yet (searching for the perfect table and light fixture) that gets far more natural light than the kitchen, which is why we went so light on the counters. I collect antique tea cups and we made choices that we hoped lent an air of British tea house to the room. Because our counters are so plain, I really love the idea of some sort of patterned backsplash.

I started by falling in love with these Winchester tiles, but we’re now a bit worried that there is too much white in the kitchen. I still love them, for what it’s worth.

Then we found this handmade Revival tile, which we could have customized in the pink, green, and white colors shown below. This is a super pricy option and is unlikely to be ready by the graduation party. We considered just putting it on the whole wall behind the range, but doing a coordinating subway everywhere else.

Kitchen as it stands right now.

This is a pretty accurate representation of the natural light disparity between the breakfast nook and the kitchen.

Thoughts? Any suggestions for other tiles that might work would be so appreciated. (Note that all window coverings are temp measures until we settle on backsplash.)

Thank you!

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