Laundry Room Closet Doors

Michelle P
last year

Hoping for some advice and help.

I have a laundry closet in my upstairs hallway, and I was convinced away from bifolds due to the heavy usage. But these are impractical because they go all the way into my hallway and its very hard to get around them. Any ideas of how to get a track on these that, once they open, they slide into the closet itself? I understand the whole door won't fit in there, somewill be left on the outside but I am fine with that. It would be a vast improvement over what it currently is. Even if they are open all the way, it blocks a room and a hallway on the other side. Thanks so much

The hallway laundry closet with the 36" doors closed

The inside of the laundry closet (room for washer and dryer next to each other and room for doors to slide back

The amount of room left in the hallway with the doors open

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