Looking for ideas for master closet renovation. Is this acceptable?

D Sutton
last year

Now that mom has moved out of the family home and it is no longer needed, I have been working on a renovation and I'm almost complete. The house is in a more upscale neighborhood, and I'm planning to list it for sale as soon as it's ready. For context, I think it will sell in the $850k range.

The master closet needs to be redone. It's approximately 9ft deep by 6ft wide. I've been looking at a range of solutions from IKEA to Easy Track closets online to Lowe's closet systems. Yesterday, I toured a new build open house in a very nice neighborhood. The house was ridiculously priced at $1.5 million, and although I liked the look of the master closet, I couldn't help but think it was out of character (not nice enough) for a house in this price range.

I'm curious to know if the general consensus is that this is just too cheap to put into my house, or if it looks good and is passable?


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