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To WRAP or NOT WRAP..that is my question! HELP ME!!!!!!!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

My backsplash is being installed tomorrow and I am in a battle with my kitchen guy about how to install it around the windows. Originally, I thought about framing the windows with craftsman style trim (my installer actually did it without me asking him to) but when I decided that I was going to use the same quartz as my countertop for the window stool (sill to some people), I didn't want it to jut out past the trim. I believe the style is a bit traditional for me so I had it installed just past the inside trim of the window.

My installer is old school and can't handle that the window shouldn't have trim with the stool coming out past it.

So my plan is to pull off the trim (since it shouldn't have been put up anyway) and either butt the backsplash up to the inside of the window as shown below in blue... this...

...or wrap the tile inside the window frame (but I think that may be too much) like...

Some points to consider:

1. The big window is new and is set back farther than the smaller, older one:

In other words, if I wrap the tile, it will go into the window frame about 4" on the big window and 1" on the smaller one.

2. The tile will go all the way from countertop to ceiling and between the countertop cabinets:

3. The backsplash I will be using is a little wavy and 3"x9":

What are your thoughts?

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