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Layout dilemma: 22x17' living room, 13' ceiling, weird floor plan

4 years ago

I recently purchased a home and I've been struggling to find a decent furniture layout for my living room. The space measures 22 x 17 feet and has a 13-foot ceiling. It's partially connected to the kitchen with a stepped pony wall. This room is central to the house and has doorways on either side that lead to other "wings" for the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Due to the room size, and the odd placement of the doorways and window, the furniture has to be spread out to make use of the space--you can't really use a corner for a sitting area or TV nook. There isn't a foyer, either; the front door leads straight into the living room. The high ceilings can feel especially cavernous. Overall, this room seems very weak and I haven't been able to find a layout that doesn't come off as confused.

This is a southwestern-style adobe house with ceiling vigas, a kiva fireplace, round/bullnose drywall corners, and a fair bit of solid wood throughout. My wife and I prefer clean lines (hence the furniture) and we're working to dampen the "Santa Fe-ish" design cues of the whole place and avoid an identity crisis. Eventually, we will renovate the kitchen and install new hard flooring throughout the living areas, but we want to start with a good layout for our furniture. I am not opposed to removing the pony wall, tweaking doorways, and even toning down that overbearing wood ceiling.

I'd be interested if anyone has suggestions for improving the placement of the furniture to help this room work better!

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