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Any design gurus out there? Need help w/ exterior door/garage colors!

3 years ago

We need to pick a front door color, exterior back door colors, and we need a new garage door too - Help! Lots of pics to visualize. Exterior paint colors (just newly painted!) are SW Worldly Gray (siding) and SW Felted Wool (trim). For exterior doors, would you generally go darker or lighter on this house? Or just match the gray siding? I was thinking white, or a few shades lighter than the Worldly Gray.

Front door was previously an ivory/almond color (so it's too yellow right now). What color would you make this? Splash of color? White? or Match gray siding?

Garage door? We need to get a new one, or just use the current one and repaint it - have no idea what color would look good here...

There is a second garage adjacent to the main garage (mother in law suite) and the garage doors currently match. So I could just either paint them, or replace them both since we have some mechanism problems anyway. Options...

Finally, back exterior doors. No visibility from the street, but we use the backyard a lot. Right now it's again an almond color. Thinking of just making it white...

Another back exterior door - with an even older version of dark brown painted doors.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!

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