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Trapezoid Window - Yay or Nay?

Sandra Marques
3 years ago

Looking for some ideas and your feedback.
We absolutely love having natural light in our open-concept kitchen/dining/living room.
Although we have 2 skylights on our dining room we are considering adding a trapezoid window on the wall you see in the picture.
We were aiming to achieve the following:

  1. more natural light which we love!
  2. feature piece in our open concept kitchen/dining/living room
  3. once you enter the space you get the feeling that you are outside - visual connection with our backyard which is absolutely gorgeous
  4. add some appeal to the outside of the house. there is not a single window/door on that side of the house

I added some pictures of the space in order to give you a better idea of what we are trying to accomplish. (p.s. that AC machine will soon be replaced by a ductless air condicioner).

what do you think? is it worth the investment ($5/6,000).
Is there any cons I should be aware of?

thank you for your time commenting on this!

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