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Largest glass tile you have seen?

Peke (Patti)
3 years ago

Has anyone seen a glass tile that is 36" wide? I would like to have as little grout as possible behind my BS rangetop. I have asked tile distributors about the heat from the Bluestar, but everyone has said that glass would be fine. The rest of the backsplash would be a matte glass tile.

I had thought about having a piece of glass made to fit, but I do not have an artistic bone in my body. I would not want to attempt to paint on the back side. See picture below of the glass tiles as an example. (Picture from Island Stone catalog.)

Rest of the backsplash is glass tile. No color chosen yet. I am just looking at shapes and sizes right now.

Tle is so tough to pick. My lighting changes every tile.

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