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What more can we do to preserve wildlife?

3 years ago

My brother is an entomologist and teaches environmental conservation at a large university. We speak often of the declining insect populations, and he recently expressed frustration at the lack of general knowledge re the state of the environment. I am trying to do my small part to convert my personal space into a welcoming, safe place for wildlife. But, it saddens me to see how much wasted space there is all around us that could/should be used to bolster our shrinking wild spaces.

How do each of you approach this subject? At my previous job, I was able to install a small pollinator garden. It was at the edge of the parking lot, and I put up signs to inform others of its purpose. I hope it increased awareness of options for at least some of the people who park there.

My new job is in a suburban building surrounded by a huge lawn. My organization rents the space, so we can’t do anything we want with the property. I could approach the owners for permission to make changes, but I don’t have the time or resources to maintain more than my own 2+ acres. I really am afraid for our planet and what will be left for my grandkids. I even toy with the idea of dropping everything to become an environmental activist. But, that would limit my financial resources and personal options even more than they already are.



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