Garden Pathways.......Part II

last year

Well I tried to start on my path projects but everything is holding me up. The first day armed with my new edging tool I encountered this old tree stump. It was a white dogwood that died probably 15 years ago from some disease we had here in WV. I had forgotten all about it but there is going to be a similar one on the other side of the house. I thought it might come out with a spud bar and a shovel but it is like petrified! I so miss my big redbud tree in the far left corner of the fences which split for the second time this past spring and hubby said it had to go. It is throwing my ideas all off. I am left with a bigger stump from it and my planting of a purple althea and a butterfly bush on the other side of the fence last year are not making the grade for me. Also the area is too wide for one 42" path for the wheelbarrow, and will leave a very narrow strip down the center if I put in two paths.

On to the next - I saved this large area for a gazebo but I know I cannot build it at my age so I am turning it into all garden. There is way too much grass and way too many odd angles. I don't want a perfectly straight path in but I can't see around it as there will be 5 paths to the left and 2 or 3 to the right. There is a circular surround on the right between my potting shed and where I will be moving my compost bins under the large maple at the far right.

So these will serve as befores. I hope I get to the after sometime soon! Please feel free to jump in with any advice!

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