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Strange Half Bath (maybe new full?) Layout - ideas?

Aiden Mead
4 years ago

So I'm looking for some ideas for our half bath remodel. We started with a very small (3ft x 4ft) half bath downstairs. We were shuffling some rooms around and decided to grab up as much space a we can for the half bath and put it near a big window to let in natural light (previously it was on the interior of the house with no natural light).

A little background - we have a historic home in a historic district. The exterior can not be changed. Meaning the window stay as is. The ceiling height is around ten feet. The window is a french casement which swings in, and we didn't want to impede it's function. It sits a whopping 24" off the floor, is 32" wide, and about 7 feet tall, so it takes up a majority of that exterior wall.

We were able to grab up an area that's 7.75ft wide x 4.67 ft deep (93" x 56"). When looking toward the bathroom, the door is in the middle of the entry wall, and the window is to the right. Originally, we were planning to just have this be a half bath with a bench under the window. The toilet and sink are too tall to put anywhere in front of the window swing area without limiting its ability to open.

It dawned on us that there are some small tubs that could fit in the area. The only configuration that would work is making sure the tub doesn't sit higher than 24" and popping it right in front of the window.

We love the idea of making this a full bathroom, both for resale, and for the convenience of a tub on the first floor. We do have two full bathrooms upstairs, and it's a three bedroom house. We recognize that a shower would be more convenient/practical, but I'm not sure it's plausible.

That's where I'm asking for help. Does anyone have any ideas that might work? We have such a tight clearance that I'm not sure we could turn a tub into a shower.

A couple of thoughts i had was to put a very tall shower head that would clear the window, and possibly a clawfoot tub style round curtain rod, to make sure water didn't hit the original wood windows, but it would have to be nearly 6" from the ceiling to clear the window.

I'm not sure this is a viable option. Any opinions or ideas?

I've attached a very crude sketch of the layout, including the window swing path.

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