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need help picking a privacy fence for sides of house/gate

Cynthia hobson
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

im just now getting to start fixing this mess. starting with a privacy fence on both sides of front. Can figure how to use the free software programs offered to insert fence and gate on each side of house. If any of you have some software to add something would be greatly appreciated. i would like to see standard privacy wood slat

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fence and also maybe a white privacy fence of some kind ..the white lattice shown is just a piece of material i had lying around. it does show where the fence would need to go on that side . i have chain link there now so may have to install in front of that or remove that first..not sure the best way to do that..also need gate ideas for driveway side. yes i know front yard and driveway are a mess..that will be addressed after the fence is finished. You cant see the driveway in this picture but it is almost gone. was considering a u shape drive possibly...thats why i havent tried to re-seed the yard yet...Also will be picking a trim color and shutter color, along with a door if you have any suggestions for that...Also, what do you all thin about painting this brick? Thank you!

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