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mud room, garage entry and half bath layout help

Shelli Nornes
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We’re stuck. We are trying to design our back entryway and are really having a hard time coming up with the right layout.

It is the room coming in from the garage and the half bath that we’re working on. This is just where we got with the builder before we decided to table it. The images below show the views into the kitchen from the garage door and the bathroom door. The big blank white wall is supposed to be a closet.

Since this is where the half bath is (for guests) we want to make sure this area is more than just a storage/junk area. If we line it with cabinets, it felt really tight and closed in for guests walking into that bath. But if we don’t put cabinets or a closet, it is just bare, wasted space.

We’re not tied to this configuration at all. If the whole bathroom needs to move, change the garage door, etc, we can. We’re set on the outer perimeter of the 2 rooms (bath and entry) but not at all how it gets laid out.

Do you see any better way to lay this all out? We’re rather have storage back further, and the bathroom closer for easier to access. Thanks!

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