Melamine Shelving In New Giant Master Walk-In Closet?

Michelle NJ
last year

Hi There, Houzzers! We are at the drywall stage of a 1000 sq ft addition in our home and it is time to address the ginormous new walk-in closet we now have in our new master suite. 17' X 9' for the hubby and me to share. :) Initial quotes from closet specialists ranged from $10K-$16K! I was not prepared for that--and that really just got us mostly hanging bars and open shelving everywhere (open shelving tends to be super sloppy) when we tend to use lots and lots of drawers to keep items hidden and more contained (Attempting to Marie Kondo our heads off)! I did get quote from Ikea for their Pax closet and was about $5K including installation, but my husband wants lots of Closed Drawers (Ikea only offers drawers that are not fully closed on top) and does not trust the quality/longevity of Ikea). Has anyone out there used IKEA closets for a long period of time and has it held up to wear and tear? We've been great with using Ikea dressers but would not look as polished as would a closet system. What about melamine from Lowes or Home Depot? Our budget is somewhere between $6-7K though less would be awesome--if quality was solid and long-lasting. I'd love to hear ideas. We are located in Central NJ. Thx!

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