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Fisher Paykel Dish Drawer "Knock to Pause" Sensors Problem

Gail Gemberling
2 years ago

I just got a Fisher and Paykel Panel Ready double dish drawer dishwasher installed. I have Shaker cabinets and thus a Shaker panel on each of the dish drawers. My pulls were not on the panels yet when the unit was installed so the installers left the panels off. When my carpenter came in to install the pulls and put the panels on he did so and it looked nice. Only later did I notice that the little "knock to pause" feature that allows you to open the dish drawer to put in a forgotten item after you have started the dishwasher was not working. I knocked and knocked and it would not let me in.

Later when we investigated, sure enough the sensors were not screwed to the doors. Each sensor needs to be attached with three 5/8 inch screws that are supposed to be provided. I only was provided with 4 rather than the needed 6 but that isn't important here. Luckily, before inserting the first screw it dawned on me that the sensors were to be installed in one particular location in the middle right of the doors. I have Shaker cabinets and this is on the thin panel part of the door and these screws would stick out the front if they are installed. Has anyone had this problem? If so how did you attach your sensors? Did you get shorter screws, what size? Did your "knock to pause" feature ultimately work?

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