New Hampshire voter turnout


Looks like close to the same as 2008 for Dems, so good. But, it is important to note, there are now almost 100,000 additional voters in the state compared to 12 years ago.

But, Trump smashed previous records set by (essentially) unopposed sitting presidents. When Obama and GW ran for reelection, they got 59,000 and 53,000 votes in NH. Trump, in contrast, got 125,000 votes!

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In both Iowa and NH, the Trump support has been far more than expected for an incumbent running (essentially) unopposed.

After 2018, when I changed my voter registration from Republican to Unaffiliated, I figured I'd vote in the Dem primary in 2020, since I didn't question Trump would easily be the GOP nominee.

Lately, I've struggled to figure out how I'd place that vote. One reason is because I have always liked Bernie's authenticity but I think Bernie's policy is atrocious. When Biden was still in it, I couldn't see placing a vote for him because I consider him a dud candidate. So, in recent weeks, I've questioned whether I'd even place a primary vote at all.

But seeing the support my fellow Trump supporters are demonstrating for Trump in these early states, I'll now happily do the same. I once thought why bother voting for Trump in the primary since it won't matter - but Trump supporters showing their support even when it doesn't matter is inspiring and I'll happily join in.

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