Super PAC Warns Of 'DOOMSDAY SCENARIO' FOR Dems Betting Against BIDEN


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Biden super PAC warns of 'doomsday scenario'

An outside group backing Biden tries to soothe nervous donors — by raising the specter of a nightmare if one of his opponents wins.


02/11/2020 05:05 AM EST

A super PAC for Joe Biden — in a call to arms to wavering donors and supporters — is warning of a "doomsday scenario" for the Democratic Party if the wobbly onetime frontrunner is forced out of the presidential race.

A memo from the Unite the Country super PAC to donors, obtained by POLITICO, asserts that the party could pay a steep price if Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar is chosen as the nominee. Most ominously, it raises the specter of Sanders and billionaire Mike Bloomberg squaring off at a split convention.

Democrats must stand by Biden through the early stretch of the primary calendar to avoid that fate, the group implores.

“Donors hedging their bets on Biden because of Bloomberg could be creating a doomsday scenario for Democrats everywhere,” the group’s treasurer, Larry Rasky, wrote. “The Sanders-Warren wing of the Party is ready for the Bloomberg fight. Democrats cannot afford a split Convention.

"If Bernie has more delegates, do you really think the Bros will make way for Mike?," it added, referring to the hard-core Sanders supporters known as "Bernie Bros." "Not to mention that the legacy of the Sanders campaign (such as the Squad) will ravage any chance Center-Left Democrats have of maintaining hard won victories in states from Pennsylvania to California.”

The memo is the most tangible evidence of the anxiety gripping Biden's supporters after his debilitating defeat in Iowa and likely loss in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. While his supporters are urging patience — they say Biden's strength and his rivals' weakness among African Americans won't be felt until the Feb. 29 South Carolina primary — there are growing fears that his candidacy will implode by then.

It's also an illustration of the dramatic change in tone from Biden and his supporters in the span of a few days. For months, Biden played nice: He wouldn’t throw punches at Sanders and only vaguely referenced Buttigieg. Unite the Country, the pro-Biden super PAC that plowed $6 million into Iowa advertising, followed suit, keeing all of its messaging positive.

The group's newly dire warnings — the subject line of the memo, dated Saturday with the subject line "Avoid the Train Wreck by Uniting For Biden" — come as Biden’s team and top supporters attempt to keep donors from abandoning his campaign.

Biden now is confronted with the reality that as he held his fire in the time he was the frontrunner, two of his competitors surged past him. He’s now scrambling to distinguish himself from both Buttigieg and Sanders, at a time when both are enjoying post-Iowa momentum.

“Biden has been campaigning like he was the frontrunner when he wasn’t,” a senior Sanders campaign advisor said. “He didn’t hit back. He didn’t make his case. He pretended there wasn’t a primary. It was the height of arrogance because he’s arrogant.”

In recent days, the campaign has dramatically shifted its messaging strategy, making Biden available on cable news shows he long shunned in favor of a rose garden strategy. In those interviews, Biden asserted Donald Trump would demolish Sanders because he’s a self-described Democratic socialist.

“If I don't get the nomination and Bernie gets it, I'm going to work like hell for him. But I'll tell you what, it's a bigger uphill climb running as a senator or a congressperson or as a governor on a ticket that calls itself a democratic socialist ticket,” Biden told George Stephanopoulos.

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IMO the only semi safe dem is Klobuchar. The fact that she was the only dem candidate at the last debate to find a socialist at the head of the ticket troublesome impressed me. The rest of the goofballs on that stage are pandering fools as far as I’m concerned.

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Sanders is on a roll. The only thing that I can see to stop him is a heart attack.
Biden is done. Long ago and getting more and more stale with every passing day.

South Carolina?

The red and green arrows are indicating changes from yesterday. Bernie is up in essentially every single state.

Hello, Bernie.

Good-bye Biden.


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"Doomsday" is when the crats get busted for their global corruption. It's coming.