Does faucet taps have to match cabinet hardware OR sink/appliances?

We are doing a kitchen remodel and, after all this money time and stress, I really want the finishing touches to work together and help it pop.

So here is my problem. We have stainless steel appliances. We are doing cream colored cabinets and black quartz or granite countertops.

So we had planned on black/dark cabinet pulls/hardware to pop with the black stone counters.

But now I'm wondering what we should do for the faucet tap and hot water dispenser tap? I think most people try to match their cabinet pulls/knobs to their faucet taps but I don't want to make our faucets black because I think that would blend too much with our black stone counters....

We will have a stainless steel sink (just like our appliances) so can we just do stainless steel faucet taps even though our cabinet pulls/knobs will be black? Will that look ok?

Also, could we do satin nickel faucets instead of stainless steel? I would like to do stainless steel faucets in order to match our sink and appliances (since we won't be matching the cabinet hardware) but I'm finding that the faucets AND hot water dispenser taps we like don't come in stainless steel but they come in satin nickel.

Is satin nickel a close enough match to stainless steel in order to mix and match it?

Any advice would help! Thank you!

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