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Replacing old cabinet pulls and hinges

Megan Naber
3 years ago

So long story short, we're thinking about sprucing up our kitchen and I really want to replace these old cabinet hinges and pulls. I've looked a lot online and I've seen them called butterfly or H style hinges in colonial or spade black hammered finish. They're mounted on both the face of the door and the frame of the cabinet itself. I would really like to get inset hinges, and I'm imagining we will still need face-mount ones given the old doors.

I would really love to save these old doors because they're still in great condition, as are the cabinet boxes. We repainted painted the insides and are looking to re-stain the outsides. I'm imagining we should fill the five holes on the face from the hinges with wood putty before we re stain the doors, but I'm concerned that they will never look quite right. Also, I haven't been able to find many pulls that match the center-to-center measurements (3 1/4") of the current handles and I'm concerned about replacing those as well.

Is it worth it to go down this path of refinishing, or should we just reface the cabinets? Does anyone have any experience in this?

Thanks in advance 😊

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