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Wall mounted tub filler lenght

3 years ago

I am installing a tub that has a 3" rim (it's a corner tub, but rectangular - basically an alcove tub with a short and long skirt that sits against two walls). It's an Americh Lana 6636 for the curious.

I'm planning to get a wall mounted waterfall spout - specifically the Isenberg Cascade. It'll be placed in the center of the long edge of the tub (it's a face to face 2 person tub). They have two models - one that protrudes 8" and one that protrudes 5 1/2".

I like the look of the shorter one better, but I'm worried about the water clearing the tub rim - is 5 1/2 far enough out to work? Would 8" stick out too far and get in the way of soaking?

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