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Laura Grosmaire
last year
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Hello - We are redoing our bathroom and will be having large format tile (12x24) lining our standard size (~ 30 x 60 in) bath/shower alcove. The tiles are matte off white and will be tightly grouted. The shower hardware will look like this (w/showerhead and bath outlet, of course):

The bar/spray head orientation will be as shown and will be on the OUTSIDE (open side) of shower. We are debating whether to put one tile shelf on the left or (one or two??) shower baskets in that left corner. The contractor was talking about how much more it would be to add the shelf (I asked him for a quote but haven't gotten it yet). Does anyone have words of advice about the 2 options (shelf vs. baskets). And if we use baskets, will two (in same corner) seem too visually cluttered in that roughly 30 inch space? You will not see that part of the shower until you step into it, it will not be visible from door.

Tile shelf style (only one) that I want (not "skinny" ledge) - it would be white too:

Or shower basket style (Kohler), I think French Gold is going to most closely match faucet finishes above. The faucets are not glossy, but I may not be able to match that:

Link to basket - medium size:

So, tile (if price is reasonable) vs baskets? If we go with baskets, one or two?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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