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This tile/waterproofing isn't right, right?

2 years ago

So we hired a contractor who promised he could do a zero entry shower (and showed me examples of previous curbless showers they had done). Here are the problems we think we see:

  1. They are a week into the work and they have started wall tiling, but there's no shower slope at all. It has kerdi in the shower floor which extends a few inches up the wall and redguard on the wall. They think the waterproofing they've done on the flat shower surface is sufficient. The linear drain is partly recessed into the subfloor, but not nearly enough. Their plan is to use thinset to build up for a slope (he needs at least an inch), and then he claims he will waterproof that. That can't possibly work, right? There's already tile on the wall. Not to mention having an inch of thinset doesn't sound like a good idea.

2)The redguard does not appear to be applied correctly and did not extend the backerboard as far as they should have for the wider shower. So part of the shower area just has old regular drywall from when the house was built 30 years ago.

  1. Also, the tile and schluter work in the window area looks terrible (not nearly as concerned about this as the rest of the bathroom).

We told them to stop work. We are pretty sure we are going to fire them and just do a curb because it's obvious curbless can't be accomplished as promised. The contractor has said he will make it right and pay for the tile that has been ruined, but we don't have any confidence in him at this point.

Hoping someone can tell me we aren't crazy here, that this is not right. If anyone has any experience firing contractors and recouping their deposit, that would be nice to hear as well!

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