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2019-The year in 100 quotes

A little late this year but what do they say….. “Better late….”?

A little disappointed as the material this year I felt was not as thought provoking or funny as in previous years.

For those new here, I’ve been doing this for a few years now, a fun little thing to not let me take myself or my profession too seriously. I love lists,...reading them and composing them as well as a fun creative outlet for me. Each list contains a link to the previous year and they are flagged in one of my “ideabooks” as well.

And I’ll say what I said before that this list IS composed, the order is not random nor is the number arbitrary. Creating a great list is a no different task then creating say, a short story or a poem. A creative list has to be short enough so not to bore but long enough to have weight. Seriousness enough for importance but funny enough for laughs. Ordered enough for sub themes, but random enough to keep interest. Light enough to poke fun but heavy enough for lessons. So it’s not like “Here’s another for #101.”

So, with that said I hope it’s enjoyed and as in past years if anyone recognizes their words, please do not let the anonymity of the list discourage you to jump in and claim a number or two!

And may everyone’s build in 2020 come in ahead of schedule and under budget!

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