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Newly built home in my neighborhood in Los Angeles

3 years ago

Here is the Zillow listing for a new house completed this month around the corner from me. I thought it would be interesting to see what you think about the design decisions that were made for this house. It is on a lot that used to be over 10,000 sq ft and was split into two lots, which was easy to do, since it was a corner lot, and so one house is on one street, and the other is on the other street. Obviously this was built by a developer to be sold, and so I think they are trying to appeal to buyers in this neighborhood, which is considered to be part of "Silicon Beach" because of its proximity to huge offices for Youtube and Google.

There are quite a few elements about this house that I like but also quite a few that I do not like. The main thing I do not like is the cavernous open floor plan that looks like it will be very loud and noisy, but then I never liked barn-like living spaces. I suppose it is cheaper to built with fewer walls, but I prefer more intimate rooms.

I do like the choice of door handles, and these are the same ones that I have in my houses. I like that there is no subway tile in the house, and I like the choice of finishes in the kitchen - just not the layout. I also think it will be difficult to do window treatments in the window above the kitchen sink.

I like the large format tiles in the smaller bathroom (p. 15), and I like the lighted mirrors in the bathrooms, which are similar to what I used in one of our bathrooms. I do not like the way the shower door opens on p.31, but with the toilet where it is, there is no other choice. I think the shower head should be on the opposite wall.

I don't like that you can see into the neighbors' yard from the back balcony, but that is common here with houses the are two levels.

What strikes you about this house?

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