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Living room family room combo (great room) and off center fireplace

J. K.
4 years ago

I’d love to get some advice regarding how to set up the “great room” in our new house. Originally, it was two separate rooms, a living room in the front and family room (connected to the kitchen in the back). Fairly typical layout for late 1970s/1980s colonial. With the wall between the living and family room removed, the fireplace, on the long wall in the room, is off center (was originally centered in family room when there was a wall). We are looking for help with how to set up the furniture with a tv. We prefer not to put the tv over fireplace nor in the corner next to the fireplace. A few more details - there Is an entrance to the room from the foyer and from the kitchen. The back wall of the “great room” has double doors. The front of the “great room” has 2 windows to the front of the house. I’ve attached some pictures.

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