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Hexagonal tile and an ugly corner seam

2 years ago

Hi houzzers,

We just had our backsplash installed yesterday -- a hexagonal tile, scale is about 4". We specified flat side down starting with a full tile, and we gave some guidance on how to end the top row in places where it won't hit a cabinet, but we didn't give any specific guidance on how to handle the one corner. I walked in yesterday to the mess pictured below.

Both my designer and I had thought it was obvious that, especially with only one corner seam in the room, you would make sure it landed in the middle of a tile, and do something like this:

What on earth should I do? I hate that the pattern doesn't carry around the corner, and the dark grout with all those lines meeting is very unforgiving and looks hideous.

Our contractor said that if I wanted the corner seam done in a specific way I should have specified in advance, and I don't think he's going to agree to fix it for free. Fixing it would involve tearing up and trashing about 6 square feet of tile and re-ordering several hundred dollars worth of tile. Our six-month reno is supposed to be done this week. I am honestly livid. I can't fathom how the tiler and contractor can think this is remotely acceptable.

What would you do? is there some kind of clever trim thing we could do in this corner that would hide the hideousness? Or maybe a carefully done bead of white grout would help?

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