Help with awkward living/dining room layout

last year

Hi - I'm looking for the best way to arrange a living room area and dining room area in this space. (By the way, all the furniture/decor in these photos is

staged; I'll be starting from scratch buying new furniture so it is a blank canvass. And I won't have a TV in the room.

) Currently, the dining area is right next to the front door, which I don't like at all. I'd like to move the dining table/chairs toward the back of the house and make the space nearer the front door into a living room. Do I have the space for a table that seats 8 people perpendicular to the French doors and still have decent traffic flow to the kitchen? Would I have to get a smaller table, or put the dining table parallel to the back window? I'm also concerned about how to arrange the living room so you won't feel like you're walking into a couch from the front door. Should a sofa be against the wall or closer to the fireplace? With the hallway to the bedrooms coming off the living room and with so little space in the room generally, I'm not sure what furniture and arrangement would look best. Thank you for your help!!

(view from front door)

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