How do I make my wine cellar look better?

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My current wooden wine storage racks are falling apart and I need to replace them. I could spend $3000+ on having custom shelving installed but I would really rather spend money on more wine than on storage that is designed to impress. I have a friend who has given me two metal wine racks as pictured below, so I intend to buy three more of the same size (each 36" w x 14" d x 54" h) which will cover the two walls where the wood racks now stand (please ignore all my empty boxes - they are to store the wine during the transition).

I was thinking of adding a solid wood shelf just above the metal racks to run just on the same two walls. Art and some decorative wooden wine crates will go on the shelf. The remaining short wall will not have anything on it, except maybe art, as the door swings open onto that wall. The west wall (with the door) may eventually get a small table to set down cases of wine when I bring them in.

While I would like my wine cellar to look nice - the door has clear glass and exits into the rest of the basement - and I recognise that the metal wine racks are definitely commercial looking, I don't want it to look too too industrial. Would you do anything differently?

Overall plan.. room is 125.5" x 78.25". Walls are BM 2116-20 Vintage Wine (a brownish burgundy).

Exterior east wall..

Exterior north wall..

Door on west wall..


Metal wine rack...

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