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Narrow, oddly shaped dining room needs help!

3 years ago

I have a oddly shaped, narrowish dining space that I need to redecorate from scratch in transitional style. A floor diagram and pictures are attached. With the doors and windows, as well as a small section of wall abutting into the room, I am unable to determine what to do. Currently have divided up into 3 areas with the formal dining room furniture at one end of the room, our kitchen table and chairs in the center zone and a pub set at the other end. We have a large family and need to seat 32 people for gatherings.

As you can see from the pictures, there is a 10' wide by 43" deep alcove where the china cabinet lives. I can't see not having multiple tables in the space based on the doors, but want the room to be more cohesive.

All ideas are welcome.

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