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Need help: Would you move the toilet in our master bath?

3 years ago

We are planning to redo our master bath. Its a weird space, without a door to the master bedroom. But it does have a pocket door separating the shower, toilet and one vanity. Its a 70s Florida home, so lots of pocket doors.

The shower is a weird shower tub combo but doesnt have an actual tub, its just the shape of a tub with a very high curb which we cant wait to rip out.

My dilemma is what to do with the space where the toilet is up against the pocket door wall.

We are thinking of moving the toilet next to the shower (to the right of the shower) and adding a door to the bathroom entry. The little rectangular thing next to the toilet in the layout has been removed, it was a cosmetic divider thing we ripped out. So the toilet is just there, no rectangular thing.

If I didnt move the toilet, I was thinking I could still take out the pocket door but leave the wall behind the toilet, add a door to the entry to the bedroom and open up the bathroom a little. I want to make it a bathroom that is nice for us to be in for the next few years and also appeal to a buyer. I really hate the toilet in the middle of the room the way it is, but we arent going to be in the house forever - maybe move in the next five years or sooner. Could I make this work without moving the toilet? Would you move the toilet?

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