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Master Bath Reno Storage - What to put on the wall?

I'm nearing the end of a master bath reno. The bathroom is quite small (total is ~7.3 ft x 7 ft) and I don't have any linen closet in my apartment. As a result, I'm trying to figure out what storage options would make sense to include on the wall behind the toilet before the shower (size of wall is ~ 50 inches wide; ceiling is 8 ft tall). I would like to have room for extra towels, spare toilet paper, backup toiletries ... and ideally even some backup linens and cleaning supplies.

I'm considering:

  • Floating open white (like this or this) or wood shelves (using baskets for less sightly items) - but unclear if I should extend them across the entire wall or just above the toilet
  • A shallow cabinet above the toilet (concerned it may clutter the small space)
  • Larger towel bar, like this (less ideal for items beyond towels)
  • A open shelving unit like this

I'm curious what you think or if there are other alternatives I should consider!

Other photos of the bathroom for reference:

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