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Landscaping Design ideas to turn this into something beautiful

Hope M
3 years ago

We are looking for landscaping ideas all around the house. We love the inside and love that it's on the lake but there is no curb appeal on the outside..

New shutters helped dramatically. I know some people said not to put them around the large picture window, but I liked the way they helped blend the ugly rain gutters/spouts.

We are putting a gravel fire pit and a vegetable garden bed in the back... (I have a picture of what the intended fireplace will look like.) We plan to hide all the rain drains (black tubing) by adding some garden beds alongside the house. We have been researching fence ideas or at least the parts that are visible... but they are so expensive and we have a list of "to-dos" about a mile long ...but for this part would like to focus on a ------Landscape Curb Appeal Makeover!-------

It has been cold and rainy, but I got several pictures today to play with ideas I will post below.

I looked up apps I could use with my photos to play around with landscaping ideas but none were available on my pixel 3. (I've heard iScape is great but can't get it on my ohone)

We have not taken down the dwarf Alberta Spruce trees yet since we have no idea what we are doing with the space.

We are looking for dramatically different and also some simple easy changes to start get our imaginations running with the landscape. "The lake house" is the theme we want to try and incorporate that in style if possible. I know there are so many eye sores it's hard to see past it all😂 but trying to see through that!
about us that may help with design ideas:
We love nature animals & plants
We love eating fresh food from our container garden
We love hosting and having people over (thought about a circle gravel drive...)
We love to be outside (when it's not raining or snowing!!)
We have a dog and foster dogs

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