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Hardwood Stairs: planks vs solid treads

3 years ago

We recently had new hardwood floors installed (prefinished 3/4” solid hand scraped hickory We are going to have the same flooring installed on the floors one floor up, and we are replacing carpet from the connecting stairs with wood. We already have decided on a white painted riser (which will match the existing trim nicely). I have two questions on treads for the stairs:

(1) Planks vs solid treads: we can use our flooring planks and bullnoses (we have enough flooring already and just would need to buy bullnoses) or buy a solid tread for each step, in which case we would need to have it stained to match our flooring. I have read that the latter - a solid tread - is the preference of most in terms of appearance. My question is durability. If we don’t mind the look of the planks with bullnoses, are we sacrificing in terms of durability to go that route? My suspicion is that a solid tread could be more structurally sound and less prone to problems in the long run, but I would love feedback of others on this.

(2) Matching texture of Solid Treads to existing floors: if we go with solid treads, in addition to matching the stain, I would like to achieve the same hand scraped texture that our existing floors have. Are there companies that do this type of work? Our contractor who we’ve used in the past says the treads should just be smooth. I don’t want to go crazy with our spending or make things more complicated than they need to be, but I really like the idea of having the same type of distressed finish on the treads that we have on our floors (and therefore am going back and forth about whether it might be better to just use the prefinished planks with bullnoses...)

Thanks for any feedback others can provide!

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