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I need encouragement and ideas to keep me on track

3 years ago

Hello everyone: until 3 years ago, I was a meticulous house cleaner. Then one day in October, 2015, was at work....didn’t feel well after eating a salad for lunch. Just continued to feel worse....finally drove myself to the ER ( what any RN WOULD DO); ended up in surgery for a thoracic aneurysm surgery that night. The next day in ICU, developed AFIB, and all of my lower back issues flared up horribly. Long story short...I have been hospitalized 6 times since, and I am weak, dizzy, have lost 40 pounds...hey, I am 5’11” and weigh 104...scary. And then, to make things absolutely horrible, 2 years ago, ( tomorrow is his angel anniversary) my 44 year old son died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism; I will never get over this..only going through it. He has a twin sister and a younger brother, whom I talk with each - daily. The bottom house is filthy. Hubby does his best...keeps up with vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms. But he has his own health issues. I retired after working 47 years; he retired after 41 years as a forensic police officer. So why am I telling all of this here, when I should be on a grieving website? I came across a book on Amazon....30 DAYS TO A CLEAN AND ORGANIZED HOUSE, written by Katie Berry.

( cheap on Kindle) It really makes sense to me...the guidance, ideas, and it gives me permission to take 60 or 90 days if I have to. We would hire a house cleaner, but we had a horrible experience where we were robbed, and never were able to find her or our stuff. Also, we have 3 dogs and 2 cats....they are well trained, but we don’t feel comfortable with strangers in the house. I have the book practically memorized , and Hubby is on target with me. I need to get rid of a lot of clutter ( I am not a hoarder)....but, I do not want my children or my dear husband to have to go through my junk if something happens to me. Basically, we will have a daily routine, then we concentrate on deep cleaning one room at a time, and then one extra maintenance area every day. The kitchen alone takes 5 days....the bathrooms take 3 days, etc. it just seems like the most realistic guide I have ever read. Better than THE CLEAN TEAM, FLYBABY, and others. Have any of you heard of it? Used it? Or, am I just seeing stars and rainbows? I love golf, love digging in the dirt in all of my flower beds, reading, needlework, and my precious grandsons. Doubt I will get to play golf, but maybe some gardening, on my little “roll-lee-round”, with hubby doing the heavy lifting. I also have Juan, my garden helper. Hubby has a back injection on 1/31...then, hopefully we will get “ on the program” about a week later. Thanks to all for reading my rambling, and I would love any ideas that you may have to help me on this endeavor. The dust is winning right now, and I HATE IT!!!!

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