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Please help with my awkward layout...

3 years ago

This room is giving me fits. I have the dreaded corner fireplace which I've chosen to basically ignore. Everything but the desk and white chair are staying, but I do like the desk in the corner. I've had the sofa on an angle, but I feel this is the most comfortable arrangement (unless you guys come up with a better one!). The rug is 9ft in diameter if that helps.

I need to finish this space, curtains, tables, lamps especially. I truly appreciate any help you can offer. The shelving unit is to the left of the desk and is at the bottom of the staircase. Behind the couch is the walkway to the dining room (you can see it in the last photo) and the kitchen is beyond that.

I actually paid a designer to help me with a layout and a cohesive decorating plan, but that didn't work out. For example she didn't spec and side tables, and her layout was almost exactly the way I had it when she came to see the space.


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