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Is $7,600 Labor Quote I received reasonable for our kitchen remodel?

2 years ago

Any help/advice/insight would help! I appreciate it so much! I'm just trying to figure out if the quote we received for LABOR ONLY- we purchased the cabinets/countertops separately- is in the reasonable ballpark. Any weighing in from others who have done a similarly large kitchen remodel and know the price they paid or from contractors who see these things priced out all the time would be so so so appreciated!!

We are remodeling our kitchen and its a pretty big project. I just want a couple of people to weigh in on if they think the quote I received on the labor is reasonable? I live in Wisconsin, btw.

We paid about $10,500 for new kitchen cabinets through menards and are now hiring a contractor to install them, along with doing a couple other things.

We received a quote for the labor at $7,600. This would include removing and disposing of our old cabinets and countertops, including an island. There are about 35 feet of old cabinets (including the uppers and lowers and island) to remove and dispose of. It would include hanging all our new cabinets. The new cabinets needing installation would all be about the same dimensions/length as the old ones EXCEPT for an extra 10 foot bank of tall cabinets running the length of the old dining room. Which means the new cabinets would be a little over 40 feet total (including uppers, lowers, island). It would include installing our new quartz countertops (coming back to do that after doing the template, etc). The countertops would be about 21 feet in total length (including one 6 foot x 3 foot island). It would include taking out two small walls- one is about 3 to 4 feet and the other is about 2 to 3 feet. One of the walls being removed has an intake vent in it that will need to be moved via access through the basement. It would include all the drywall repair/patching (but not painting). It would include removal of our old backsplash (but not installation of our new one). It would also include taping mud and sand as needed and installing trim, etc... It would NOT include electrical.

Please let me know (with this limited information) if my 7600 dollar quote for all this just seems ballpark reasonable. I don't need it to be super precise (obviously). I just want to know if this figure seems within reasonable territory. The contractor seems extremely competent, has 30 years experience, and a good reputation.

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