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Can anything be done to stop painted cabinets from peeling ?

2 years ago

Hello Houzzers. I moved in a brand new house at the end of October. I’m a single guy and honestly don’t really cook much. So to say the kitchen gets very light use would be a very accurate statement.

The builder installed these “upgraded” Timberlake Tahoe cabinets painted in linen. I guess I have a different opinion of what upgrades should feel like, but is there something I can do to prevent the paint from peeling off? I have several doors that, on the top of the door, look like this picture.

Builder said it’s not a warranty issue (of course) because it’s excessive wear. If cabinets can’t live up to my wear and tear, I have no idea how people with kids and dogs do it. If anyone is looking at this brand/style, I’d find something else. They’re insanely cheap feeling and clearly won’t last too long.

I’m going to install hardware soon. Haven’t decided what style/size/color yet.

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