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All-in-One Laundry/Utility Sink with Cabinet

Kristin S
4 years ago

We planned for a traditional utility/laundry tub in our garage - you know, the ones that stand on four legs with an open bottom. They're not particularly pretty, but super functional for washing off muddy shoes, emptying buckets from washing cars, etc..

Through a quirk of plumbing, however, we ended up with an unavoidably exposed pipe at the back of the area where the sink goes, so my husband wants a closed cabinet, rather than the open bottom. I've found this as an option.

I have some concerns about the quality, but it may be just fine for the planned used. If anyone knows of any other all-in-one type units with a deep utility sink and closed cabinet, however, please let me know. We considered buying a single kitchen base cabinet, but it doesn't seem worth the hassle of separately sourcing a cabinet, counter, and sink for this fairly lightly used location and purpose.

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