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Is this a secondary vent cover for gas dryer? Is this safe/normal?

Joe Blow
4 years ago

Below are photos of the dryer in my new construction home I recently purchased. I have been wondering what this port is covered by a plastic cover (it's loose, just hangs ontop). This is 4" pipe which I think may be metal under the tape. I think there may also be some type of Tee Plug (this product looks like it could fit under there, but I didn't want to mess with the white covering).

When the dryer was running, this pipe got very hot and there was moisture on the outside (maybe just condensation?).

My question is: Is this safe and normal? Should something else be done to protect myself?

I am concerned about:

  • Okay for this plastic cap to just be on their loose?
  • Is this a safe way to close this off inside the home? I don't want a carbon monixide leak
  • Is it ever normal to have a secondary option for connection or did they probably mess this up and then extended it in the wall - anything I should be checking on at the other connection point down below?

I bought my house with the standard appliances and the space was designed for side-by-side units, so I have no idea why they would have needed an extra vent up top or built it that way to begin with.

View before taking off cap

View with cap off:

Close up view of the cap:

View down the back of the dryer:

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