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Recessed Medicine Cabinets: Lazy Contractor or Weakens Wall?

Michelle NJ
2 years ago

Hi Houzzers!!

We are in the thick of a new build--a master suite bumped out from our current home. I really want a modern, spa-feel to the bathroom and want 30"W x 26"H Recessed medicine cabinets--1 above each of the dual sinks in the 84" vanity (sink basins are 24"W and 7 inches off of each edge of vanity). My contractor says it is impossible to install because the (brand new) wall cannot support them. Options are Wall-Mount them (I think that's silly in new build if the walls are all open now) or get 24"W maximum. Plumbing runs up/down center of vanity (wall itself is 92"W with bathroom door just left of the vanity). Is this accurate? Why would they create recessable medicine cabinets in sizes that are not structurally feasable? I've even seen 48" or 60" recessed medicine cabinets online. What am I missing here? See attached for pic of my pretty be installed soon I hope!! Thanks in advance!!

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