help! Kitchen deco lighting for 1940 bungalow

2 years ago

Trying to finalize my decorative light for my 1940 bungalow kitchen. I’ll have recessed lights (on dimmers) but also want decorative fixtures to evoke the period.

The cabinets with be shaker (with an ogee sticking), painted a warm white (Ben Moore Swiss Coffee); counters will be Pental Quartz misterio (marble look). Backsplash: blue and white deco tile (like pic below). White oak floors. I love the backsplash but obviously this kitchen isn’t the dark craftsman style bungalow, more Southern California semi-Spanish influenced bungalow. So one goal for the lighting is to keep the kitchen looking more traditional.

The lights I’m considering:

1) Small nook: a semi-flush mount school house (the table will get moved around if I use it as a buffet, so I don’t want a pendant)

2) Light over the sink. I love the look of a sconce but I’m not sure where to place it on the wall.

(here’s pic. Sorry for the crummy rendering from their website)

My window (3x3 double-hung) will have 4 ½" wide trim at the top (to match the original windows). I have about 10.5 inches from the ceiling to the top of the window trim. Where to place the sconce back plate? Just center it? I tried to line up the bottom of the shade with the top of the window trim (which bumps the backplate up ½ to 1”) but…I’m considering a Rejuvenation fixture, in part, because it’s easy to change the shades for a different look. Of course, the shades are slightly different sizes so taller shades might not line up with the top of the trim. Plus I may have a roman shade which has to be an outside mount. Will this sconce work? A lot of inspo pics show pendants (or flushmounts or recessed lights) but I love the look of the sconce. Will this work? Where to mount?

3) Pendants over the 38x94 island. I'll have an eating area at the nook end (24” wide, 2 people face eat other as they eat; here won't be room for a third person on the end).

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There’s skylight in the middle that is 22” wide. So each section to the side of the skylight is 36. The thought is to center the pendant over each section and have a shade that’s about 12” wide. I love the look of glass but am concerned about glare. When I looked at Rejuv, unfortunately, they don’t offer a lot of choices in this size—just another schoolhouse. Can I do better than schoolhouse pendants over the island? Or if that’s the best choice, any suggestions for a diff type of semi-flushmount over the nook. For me, having three schoolhouses in the same room feels like too much. i.e. seems like I could do better.

The rest of the fixtures in the house will be ORB. I want the kitchen to be lighter, so the plan was polished chrome on the light fixtures (and faucet), and ORB on the knobs/pulls.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

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