Need major help in our house rental!!!

last year

Hi there. We are renting out a townhouse beginning Feb 1 that is completely outdated. We were originally going into the lease with the assumption we would rent to buy, but he is not lowering his price so the changes we had in mind to make are not an option anymore. He is allowing us to paint which we are doing a light to medium grey to the entire house. He is not allowing us to update with paint the trim, doors, or cabinets. I can only attach four pics for now but when I post I will add more!

For the kitchen, the cabinets I will be using white contact paper to cover them completely. I will also be using white marble contact paper for the countertops and white peel and stick subway tile backsplash. Lastly, using stainless steel stickers for the appliances.

But I need help with the rest of the house! My boyfriend is allowing us a budget of about $2000 overall to make some changes and the landlord is allowing us $300 to paint.

Between the living room, office, and bathroom on the first floor, and the two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor, I need major suggestions that are budget friendly and temporary.

I like everything to be grays and whites, very modern and clean looking.

Please provide some help on how I can makeover the house! I have two weeks before we move in and he’s allowing us to work there in the meantime before we move our furniture in.

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