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Sounds in walls - what is it?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Mystery sound in condo walls.

Started the night a roofing crew was here. Has gone on 3 days

First noise we had was a clear water drip and some leaking bc it rained one night while the roofers has tarp on roof.

sound file can be played here

This clicking/ tapping / (chewing? clawing?) gnawing?) noise started the next day and has been three days running

here are some observations

- can hear louder at sometimes than other

it’s a steady and rhytmic pace that is consistent But it does stop and start

- it’s worse at night

- as an example of the intervals it was loud at 10:30 pm then 3 am and 5-6 am ...when I say loud it’s about the level of noise as an old fashioned winding oven timer, slightly muffled but just enough to notice it (and make you wonder if you’re hearing things!) if other things are noisy you might not hear it

- its Louder when I put phone next to a hole in the wall that was made while they are fixing kitchen

- I can hear it most above a kitchen and also a small bathroom, sometimes sounds above me (but the bathroom is not next to the kitchen)

- it is not audible from the outside of the condo

at first when hear it first time I thought it was some rapidly dripping water but has been steady

the condo above me has been “winterized” until spring so I’m not sure if or what water they may have going to it

i see no sign of water

the nocturnal timing of when it gets worse suggests critter

there is no other odd noises like scuffling around or pounding or other different types of sounds ,

it’s always the same rhythmic click

even investigated if it was the sound of a utility meter clicking or something but doesn’t make any sound near the readers

wondering if the night the roof was tarped animals found their way in and are trying to get out?

what could it be? if critter which one makes this sound ??

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