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Bathroom Renovation - How much should I do?

2 years ago

I need some input on renovating my upstairs hall bath. It was my children’s bath but now that they are grown it is mostly a bath for guests. It is functionally in good shape but it looks very dated. The cast iron tub looks grungy on the bottom because the non slip surface doesn’t come clean. The surrounding tile is in perfect shape because I had it cleaned and re grouted once the boys left home. The toilet is functional but it looks builder grade. The sink cabinets are in perfect condition because the boys never opened them. They just look 1990’s. The counter top needs to be changed because it is yellowing.

There is a squeak in the floor that drives my husband crazy. So we plan to remove the tile and fix the squeak. So once the tile it up, maybe we should update the bath. My question is –

How much renovation should we do?

Do you think I can install a 6” checkerboard floor tile pattern to incorporate the beige but add white and maybe another color – but keep the beige tile around the tub?

Do you think I can have the tub refinished to a white tub or do you think it needs to go?

What bugs me is the floor tile, the counter top and the toilet. Am I just being cheap or do you think I can update this bathroom without gutting it?

Thank you for your input

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