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Do IKEA instructions result in 18" between counter top and upper?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Do IKEA kitchen installation instructions result in 18" between counter top and upper? My math suggests 18.75".

My contractor comes tomorrow to start my IKEA kitchen installation (!!). I'm reading through the IKEA instructions (here: IKEA instructions) and they provide great detail on measuring the locations of rails, but don't explicitly state what the resulting distance is between countertop and bottom of wall cabinet. I care because I'm short and don't want my uppers installed too high. I plan on using under cabinet lighting, but am using very thin LED strips that my electrician said would be hidden by the IKEA deco strip turned on its side (e.g., ~1" drop, not 2").

Here is a snip from the instructions:

I did the math and it looks like IKEA installation instructions result in 18.75" between the top of the counters and the bottom of the wall cabinet. Can someone confirm my math below? I have assembled cabs and the rail in my house, and when I did a trial run, it looks like the cabinets extend .25" above the rail (i.e., the top of the rail is not perfectly aligned with the top of the cabinet).

Counter top height = 32 3/16 + rail height of 2 3/16 + 1/4" cabinets extend beyond rail + 1 1/8" thick quartz = 35.75"

Distance from floor to bottom of upper cabinet = 32 3/16 + 22 5/16 = 54.5"

Distance between the two: 54.5"-35.75" = 18.75"

Distance if I use a 1" deco strip: 17.75"

ETA two math mistakes... sheesh.

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