Master closet organization

Hello, I have Not so big master closet L shaped 10x7. I really don’t feel comfortable spending 10000 -25000 for master closet organization. What are closet brands for ordinary people? Is there a possibility to combine some modular closet brands, add separately buy some additional

features for ties, valet rods,scarves. No shoes in master closet. I prefer not wire system. I used John Lewis for other closets, not so impressed. I wanted to have two shelved corner pieces and looks like some systems are not offering corner shelves. I would like to have tower shelves,/ drawers in the middle of the long wall, both sides whatever is left tall hanging, side walls double hanging. The room Height is 8 ft. I wanted to place iron board fixture on 42” wall and mirror on 23 in wall. Thank for your advice in advance!

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