advice/critique cabinet and drawer sizes and organization

last year

Posting concept images from our designer in this post and my layout in the comments
I have taken inventory and measured my kitchen items and have researched extensively. There are a few things I’m unsure about.

  1. I have my deep drawers at 12” deep but most items would be fine with 10”. Drinking glasses especially...12” seems overkill. But I’m not sure how else to arrange it.
  2. I have three drawer stacks on the long side of the island opposite the sink wall. I’m not sure with what drawer length (especially interior) I will end up until I talk to the cabinet maker. I’m hoping these won’t be too small.
  3. The short side of the island opposite the range:
    a. someone pointed out that I may want more distance between the sink wall and the island as right now it is 42” from cabinet to cabinet and that means it will be shorter from counter to counter. I could shorten the island and lose a bit of my giant pot drawer.
    b. I’m not sure what to put next to the steam oven. The only items that I’m not sure how to store are my sheet pans and roasting pans which would need 15” if stored vertically. I could potentially make room for those in that spot.
  4. I haven’t decided what to do in the corner but I could also extend the 36” drawers next to the range and not do anything with the corner.
  5. This seems silly but where do I store my oven mitts?? Up until now it always drove me crazy that I never had a good place to store them and easily grab them when needed. I don’t want to end up with that same problem after all of this.

Please, have at it!

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