Cabinets - replace or re-paint?

last year

I'm sprucing up my laundry room with pretty blue paint (Berry Mojito from DE), getting new washer/dryer, moulding and new flooring. I want the two cabinets - a wall cabinet with 3 doors above the w/d and a floor to ceiling pantry/broom closet - in the room to remain white. I love their dimensions and they are in great shape overall except the broom closet bottom door doesn't shut very well anymore after about 30+ years in this old 1947 house. For the cabinet above the w/d you can't tell the doors aren't shutting properly. They have little push-button magnet closing mechanisms that don't operate anymore. The floor to ceiling broom closet/pantry bottom door, on the other hand, doesn't close well and it is obvious to see. It doesn't stay "stuck" in the door's inner contour as it should and it is usually slightly ajar.

Now my question: my contractor/painter immediately said without hesitation that I should replace both the cabinets. I assumed that they could be painted, given some new knobs, and be good to go with a little TLC given to the doors. I even found a YouTube video of how to add thin wood overlay to the face of plain cabinets like mine to make them shaker style, but my contractor said it would be better to buy new. So, I'm wondering what others think. I shopped around and it will be costly to buy two new cabinets and they a) have to be special ordered to get the dimensions I want since my tall pantry is 16" deep instead of the usual 12" (too shallow) or 24" (sticks out too far since it is across from an entry door) for pantry closets and the cabinet above the w/d is 18" deep instead of the standard 12" available in stock in the stores and b) probably won't be as well-built and solid as the ones I have now. A search for just finding a place to make new doors alone indicated it is very expensive and about the same price to just get all new cabinets. I don't care if the doors just sit flush against the cabinet openings when closed. I don't need them to have any fancy closing hardware. So, what do you think? Why would I replace them and not just beautify them? I could go tomorrow and buy two new cabinets off the shelf at a cabinet warehouse I found, but they would be less appealing to me depth-wise. And I asked my guy if he could reduce the depth of a broom closet I could buy in stock at the store from 24" deep to 18" deep and he wasn't positive about it. I always hear they don't make 'em like they used to, so what do I do? Is it a huge, tedious job to clean up/paint already hung cabinets and fix their doors? (Pics show original dingy laundry room with the old appliances)

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